Photos of Things I've Worked With
Building Hardware and Software is fun!

Compact mm-wave Spectrometer

A 90 GHz prototype of a millimeter-wave spectrometer is on the VNA getting tested. The <1 GHz bandpass is visible on the screen. Read more in this or that paper!

Sub-Kelvin Test Cryostat

This system can cool millimeter-wave detectors within 0.25 degrees of absolute zero, to increase their sensitivity. It can also hold a sample at 5 degrees above absolute zero. I used this to measure the polarization properties of sapphire.

CWRU Pumpkin Drop

I took this multiple-exposure photo of the CWRU annual pumpkin drop. Gravity seems to act equally, even though the pumpkins are different sizes. Physics!

Filter Holder for Kitt Peak

This is a filter holder I designed being installed on the Bok 90-inch telescope at Kitt Peak here in Arizona. Each small filter selects out a different wavelength of light, allowing us to combine images taken though each filter to build up a spectrum of a distant galaxy.


This is the spectrometer I coupled to the detector system above to measure the sapphire properties.

Half-Wave Plate Testing

Here I am installing the optical element I built for my PhD thesis in front of a telescope for an early test in the lab.

Cryogenic Stepper Motor

Our group engineered modifications to this commercial stepper motor so it could deliver precise position control even operating 4 degrees above absolute zero.

Half-Wave Plate Installed!

Read more on my medium blog posts, but here is the full system I built for my thesis installed ready to fly!

High-Pressure Spring Press

This high-pressure press I designed and built applied the 28,000(!) pounds of force needed to adhere the anti-reflective coatings to the half-wave plates. Here it is in the oven used to bake on the coatings.

NASA Plumbrook Testing

We did initial testing of the cryostat system in a NASA facility in Sandusky, Ohio, to make sure it could stand operating in the space environment.

Dry Run in Texas

Read more on my medium blog posts, but we did a test assembly of our entire telescope system in Texas...

Launch in Antarctica

...before NASA launched it on a high-altitude balloon to the edge of space! Watch the video here.